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Wilfred Veldstra

“The Market Hall symbolises how I view my work. An amalgamation of technical craftsmanship and creativity, with a unique result every time. With imagination as a starting point. Looking beyond borders.”

Wilfred Veldstra

Music, construction and law

Genuine attention. Two key words in his work. He started off in the field of music, but soon after joined the construction sector, where he worked independently in the field of restoration. He studied law in the evenings. He has stuck with all three disciplines; music is a hobby. In addition to corporate law, he also specialises in international and national construction law. He was one of the founding members of the international group of offices Legal Netlink Alliance. He is an adviser to politicians and the director of business and social organisations. He gives post-academic masterclasses to construction professionals.

Act preventively

Someone who wants to get to know his clients properly, from the work hut to the boardroom. Is often involved in the earliest stages of the planning process. The human dimension and relationships are key, also in major corporations. “Act preventively”. “Creative solutions with respect for all involved parties”. “Prevent proceedings”. Gets his teeth into the sector and the markets in which his clients operate. With a smile on his face, he refers to it as market knowledge as a legal area. Just like in his jazz band or when rustling something up in his kitchen: technology and creativity can’t exist without each other.