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Your sector, our expertise

Our clients are active across the entire spectrum of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. We have a special affinity for and experience with the following sectors.

Property, construction and materials

Whether we’re dealing with DBMF, a vacancy permit, the Dutch Nature Conservation Act (Nbw 1998) or the Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contracts (UAV-GC 2005), we’re at home in the construction sector. What’s more, Wilfred Veldstra was a contractor in the field of restoration himself, before he became a lawyer. We therefore know how to manoeuvre through the field of regulations, permissions, insurances, decisions, permits, warning obligations, contracts, additional work and often diverging interests.

(Food) industry

In industry, things are invented, manufactured, sold and, very often, also exported. In addition to general commercial and business law, this is the field where our intellectual property expertise really comes to the fore. It is not uncommon that this work is carried out in collaboration with our colleagues from Legal Netlink Alliance, our international network. We have extensive expertise relating to the specific regulations in the food industry.

Professional services

Supervision, regulation and legislation are developing at a faster rate in the professional services sector than in any other sector. We provide our clients in this field with all the necessary advice and assistance, including legal audits, drawing up conditions and resolving disputes. Professional and service-oriented.

Transport & logistics

Zeg je Rotterdam, dan zeg je transport en logistiek. En wie transport en logistiek zegt, heeft het over internationalisering en digitalisering. Of het nu om logistieke dienstverleners, importeurs, exporteurs, verladers, handelshuizen of verzekeraars gaat, bij Lamsma Veldstra & Lobé vinden zij de benodigde (internationale) expertise om slagvaardig te kunnen opereren in een snel veranderende wereld.