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Dojera Wahid-Manusama

“I don’t only feel like a world citizen. Lots of points of the compass come together in me. A bit like the World Museum. I often go there and feel at home. The world is my stage; this applies to my work too.”

Dojera Wahid-Manusama


Bordewijk’s novel Karakter planted the seed for her to want to become a lawyer. Ever since then, it has been her passion. She even worked at a detective agency when she was only at secondary school. It is now corporate law in the broadest sense, with a focus on employment law. She is also very skilled when it comes to mediation.


Curious, involved, with a preference for international affairs, whether or not in cooperation with colleagues from Legal Network Alliance. Always looking for the best solution, which may sometimes involve settling things as quickly and advantageously as possible. A lawyer for more than 25 years. Proud of the fact that her very first client is still her client today.