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Employment law

Employment contracts
Termination of employment contracts (Collective and individual)
CLAs and employment conditions
Social insurance

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A good relationship with all parties

A company that has been running smoothly for thirty years ends up in serious difficulties. Work has dried up and there is none in sight either. In financial terms, the company’s position is still healthy, but intervention is necessary.

Our office develops the reorganisation strategy. We put together the dismissal applications that need to be submitted to the employee insurance agency, UWV. The company is reorganised in four rounds of redundancies, whereby the size of the workforce is reduced by about ninety percent. This ends up saving the company. A few years later, the business is doing well again, wants to expand again and is able to ask some of its former workers to return. Severe measures in the working environment can therefore have a positive effect in the long term.

Our input is not limited to legal expertise; a good relationship with the employee insurance agency UWV, as well as the employees affected, was crucial in this case.